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Bespoke activity holidays by skiFinland

There is so much on offer in Finland that it's impossible to list it all. We've added a few more of the incredible activities you can as part of your skiFinland holiday in Lapland to act as inspiration, but please do get in contact with us for personalised suggestions from our team.

Snow shoe walking

Snow shoe walking is a fantastic way to explore the rolling valleys and snow-capped forests of Finland at a relaxed pace. It can also be a magical way to hunt the Aurora. We can arrange private guided tours as well as exceptional group activities.

"Have you considered hunting the Northern Lights by snowshoe?"

Ice fishing

Venture onto one of Finland's thousands of frozen lakes and a guide will show you how to drill a hole through the ice and try your hand at catching your own lunch using traditional ice fishing methods. It’s a relaxing way to feel part of the rich culture and heritage of this unique area. It's also very rewarding when you land your first catch, and even more so when you grill it over an open fire.

"Enjoy the fruits of your ice fishing experience grilled over an open fire"

Sami culture evenings

You can learn more about Sami culture and history as part of a reindeer safari or by enjoying a traditional felt making classes. We can arrange fantastic evenings in a traditional Kota hut where you will be fed food cooked in the traditional Sami fashion. From Saariselkä we can organise visits to the Sami capital and Parliament located in the town of Inari, a wonderful day out for those looking to learn more about the native history and local culture.

"Let us help you experience the rich and diverse Sami culture of Lapland"

Gastronomy tours and cooking courses

There are a number of outstanding restaurants and eateries throughout our resorts and we can organise a bespoke gastronomy tour sampling the regions local dishes. In addition, we can pair the tour with guided cooking classes by a top Finnish chef.

We also have a range of high-standard catered log cabins, villas and apartments where you can indulge in locally inspired and sourced food, cooked for you in the comfort of your own accommodation. Speak to us today to find out more.

"We can arrange a local chef to cater your private cabin, apartment or villa"

Sauna experiences

The sauna is a ubiquitous Finnish classic and you will find one in almost every accommodation we offer. In addition to the standard sauna experience we can offer a unique taster of the traditional saunas used throughout Finland for hundreds of years. Fan yourself with Birch bark bushels, brave the ice sauna and relax and unwind with a series of treatments.

"Have you ever imagined going ice swimming, or running through the snow barefoot?"

Ice karting

Like regular karting, but on ice. This fun filled activity is a great way to bond with friends and family through friendly competition.

"Ice Karting is fun for all the family and a great adrenaline boost on your skiFinland holiday"

Please contact us today for more information on any of our adventures, and to get started on your personalised activity itinerary.

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