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Glass Igloos and Ice Hotel Holidays

At skiFinland, our travel specialists are always striving to create the perfect holiday for you. Our unique, tailor-made policy means that we can be fully flexible with your holiday duration and destinations. Which means you can add a night in the magical Levi Glass Igloos or the breathtaking Ice Hotel near Ylläs at the beginning or end of your holiday, to create a bespoke holiday in Finnish Lapland that's perfect for you.

"We can create your perfect holiday in Finnish Lapland"

Glass Igloo Holidays in Finland

The secluded Levi Glass Igloos are located a few kilometres outside the village of Levi, and the fell-top location delivers incredible views of up to 60 miles across the rolling Finnish wilds. The purpose built properties have heated glass roofs which provide unrivalled night sky views as well as an unmatched opportunity to see the enchanting Northern Lights. The Glass Igloos offer a magical addition to any holiday and work particularly well as part of a skiing holiday in the villages of Levi or Ylläs.
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"Add a night in a Glass Igloo for a great chance to see the Northern Lights"

Ice hotel Holidays in Finland

Every year a specialised team of ice sculptors carve the whole ice hotel from scratch, and each year the hotel is constructed to a different theme, so no two visits are the same. The tranquil serenity of the ice and surrounding wilderness can be part of an afternoon visit or an overnight stay, and can be combined with a nearby cabin or added as an extra night to stays in the resorts of Ylläs or Levi.
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"Visit or stay in the magnificent Ice Hotel for a unique skiFinland experience"

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