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Referral Rewards
Save £50 per person: Gift £50 per person

Our FROST Society is an exclusive rewards circle where we offer our customers something in return for their loyalty.

FROST stands for Friends of Scandinavian Travel and you automatically become a member of our Society when you book a holiday with us. As a member you will receive fantastic rewards; anything from referral gifts to exclusive discounts. The FROST Society is our way of saying thank you to our customers.

Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards is the first of our FROST Society benefits; it is our way of saying thank you when you recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues.

FROST Society members get a reward of £50 per person off their holiday when they refer a friend and that person books a holiday with us. The friend will also receive £50 per person off their holiday as a welcome gift.

Members of our FROST Society can refer multiple friends, colleagues and family members to receive a reward of up to £100 per person. You can redeem your FROST Society Referal Rewards once every 12 months.

How do I refer a friend to skiFinland?

Referring friends, colleagues or family couldn’t be easier:

1. The referred party simply contacts us for a holiday proposal by email, phone or via our online enquiry form
2. They let us know you referred them, quoting your unique holiday reference number (6 digit number) and surname
3. When they confirm their booking we will email you to apply your reward to either:

a. Your existing booking (up to your final balance due date)
b. Your FROST Society Profile for use against a future holiday (valid for up to 24 months)

4. When you want to redeem any rewards stored on your FROST Society profile, simply contact us for a personalised holiday proposal and let us know you are part of our FROST Society by quoting the unique holiday reference number and surname used in your original referral.

The rewards are applied on a strictly per person basis, based on your most recent booking, and cannot exceed the number of people in your current booking or the number of credits in your FROST Society Profile. The rewards have no cash value and cannot be split or transferred. Rewards are valid for package holiday bookings only. For a full explanation please see the Terms and Conditions detailed below.

Looking for something different this winter?

FROST Society Rewards apply across all our fantastic holidays, so you can book with: skiNorway, skiFinland, skiSweden, skiIceland or Cloudberry Journeys.

Terms & Conditions

This referral programme has been designed and launched to thank our customers for their loyalty. We have endeavoured to make these Terms and Conditions as simple as possible and to use examples where we feel it will add clarity. If you have any questions or feedback about the programme please do get in touch and one of the team will be happy to chat with you.


1. A member of our FROST Society, hereby known as the ‘referrer’, is any Scandinavian Travel customer, which includes customers of skiNorway, skiFinland, skiSweden, skiIceland or Cloudberry Journeys, who has an existing or previous booking with us. They do not need to have travelled with us yet but must have a confirmed booking as per our booking conditions.

2. The ‘referred party’ must be a new customer to Scandinavian Travel, which includes the brands listed in condition 1, and cannot have travelled with Scandinavian Travel previously, or have an existing booking, or have a previous or current booking with any of our brands via a travel agent or other indirect booking source.

Accruing Rewards

3. The referred party must state the referrer’s surname and most recent booking reference (6-digit number) for their welcome reward to be applied to their booking.

4. The referrer’s reward will become valid when the referred party confirms their booking in accordance with our booking conditions.

4.1. The referrer’s reward will be applied to the referrers existing booking up to the due date for payment of the referrer’s final balance.

4.2. After the final balance due date the reward will be stored on the referrer’s ‘FROST Society Profile’ to be used against a future holiday with Scandinavian Travel.

5. Rewards are accrued on a strictly per person basis.

5.1. The referrer’s reward is based on the number of people in their most recent booking.

For example, if there are 4 people in their most recent booking, and they have accrued a reward of £50 off per person they will get either:

£200 off their current booking if it's before their final balance due date
4 x £50 per person rewards in their FROST Society Profile if it's after their final balance due date

Using Stored Rewards

6. To receive a reward stored in a FROST Society Profile the referrer must quote the surname and unique holiday reference (6-digit number) that was used in the original referral when confirming their new booking.

7. Rewards are applied on a strictly per person basis.

7.1. The reward applied on a referrer's new booking cannot exceed the available rewards in the FROST Society profile.

For example, if the referrer has accrued 4 x £50pp rewards in their profile and decide to book a new holiday for 6 people, they will get £200 off their new booking.

7.2. The reward applied on a referrer's new booking cannot exceed the number of people in the new booking.

For example, if the referrer has 4 x £50 per person rewards in their Profile and decide to book a new holiday for 2 people, they will get £100 off their new booking.

8. Any stored rewards that are not used against a new booking will remain in their Profile and remain subject to their original expiration date and usage as described in these terms and conditions.

9. A FROST Society Member can check the amount and expiry date of accrued rewards by emailing, or contacting their personal Scandinavian Travel holiday advisor, quoting the name and unique holiday reference used in the original referral. 


10. Referral rewards can only be accrued when the referred party books a package holiday and can only be used against holiday packages. Holiday package bookings must include flights, transfers and accommodation as a minimum.

11. Rewards can only be redeemed against a holiday once every 12-months. Our 12-month ‘year’ runs from July to June.

For example, a customer who uses a reward against a holiday in April 2019 can use any new or outstanding rewards against a holiday in December 2019, however, a customer who uses a reward against a holiday in December 2019 cannot use any outstanding or new rewards against a holiday in May 2020, but can use it against a holiday in July 2020 or after.

12. Rewards stored on a FROST Society profile must be used for travel within 24-months of the referral.

13. A referrer can refer multiple times but cannot accrue or use more than £100 per person rewards in 12-months.

13.1. To receive an additional reward the referred parties must be separate bookings and cannot be achieved through 1 party traveling in different groups.

14. Once their booking is confirmed, the referred party joins the FROST Society and can become a referrer.

14.1. The welcome reward counts toward the £100 per person reward limit described in condition 13.

15. Rewards have no cash equivalent and can only be used against a Scandinavian Travel holiday, including those brands listed in condition 1.

16. Rewards are applied to the FROST Society Profile of the lead passenger on the current or most recent booking.

17.  Rewards cannot be transferred to another party or FROST Society Profile and cannot be split between multiple bookings.

18. Rewards cannot be collected in retrospect, including for past referrals or recommendations or where no surname or reference number was provided before booking confirmation, or where incorrect information was provided.

19. Bookings made through travel agents do not qualify for the welcome reward.

20. Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

21. If the referred party cancels their booking Scandinavian Travel reserves the right to remove the referrer’s reward.

22. Scandinavian Travel reserve the right to withdraw or to make changes to this referral programme at any time and/or to withdraw or withhold this programme from any individuals and/or to make discretionary changes to the application of rewards on a case to case basis.

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